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Why “It’s Not About House Church”

October 31, 2007

Brent describes an awkward feeling when a recent meeting turned to all things “house church.” Following that meeting he wrote, “I’ve become bored with the whole discussion about models of doing church.” And then he wrestled with a description of the vision he believed God had given him, packaged into the following brief statement:

Simply Be. To be what God is transforming me into. To yield to his touch and hold the form. To rest in him, be content in him, end striving, to hear his voice and be ready and willing to obey – even if I don’t see a big picture and I don’t take ownership of what God is having me do.

To see the Kingdom of God increase and our own kingdoms decrease. To see the reality of the Kingdom of God manifested not in doctrinal beliefs, Biblical knowledge or activities done in his name, but in who and what we are and are becoming in Christ. To disciple new believers instead of just teaching or preaching to them. To equip the body of Christ for ministry instead of making them dependent on our ministry. To cast off the shackles of religious obligation in order to embrace a life of walking in the spirit by faith. To honor the Word of God by letting it speak to us and mold us instead of speaking for it and molding it. To Simply Be.

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  1. May 19, 2008 3:46 am

    Right on, brother. For all those houses of worship we pass on Sunday morning, there are that many places that have a few hours earlier closed down: beer joints, bars, holes in the wall, with various courses of soliciation, with followers who are currently passed out from intoxication. They seem to have more common ground than we do.

    As my Pastor says, “There is only one race – the Human Race.” likewise, there is only one Church – made up of all those who are followers of Chirst as Redeemer and Lord. The Church members are spread out in all those church buildings. They will be collected together in the end – as will all the Messianic Jews with us grafted-in ones.

    If we keep tuned in with God, we will recognize our brothers and sisters in Christ without having to ask any “religious” questions.

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